Captioning Matters… to Karen

Captioning matters a lot to me! Losing my hearing as an adult meant that I lost all meaningful understanding of the words spoken by others, on the radio, TV, in any meeting or other interactions with people. CART provider friends entered my life 23 years ago. Captioning allowed me to read the words that others were speaking and I’m reasonably certain that captioning saved my sanity. I could then read and follow along on my TV. However, most importantly captioning allowed me to attend meetings, conferences and conventions with others like me, people who had hearing loss. There is no handicap when all the spoken words are there on a screen to be read as well as heard. Captioning has allowed me not only to read but to lead…!

I count on the skills of the CART captioners as partners that have kept me and my brain engaged and involved in my own active life that’s been so much more than I had ever thought possible.

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