Captioning Matters… to Shari

Captioning has changed my life.

Before I experienced captioning, I could not attend plays and performances at the theater, nor could I experience participating in a church service.     Attending meetings meant either extreme fatigue from trying to lip read and hear (and even find) the speaker, or daydreaming because I was lost.

When trying to explain what it is was like to my family members and hearing friends, I would tell them it’s similar to them attending a meeting which was only spoken in Chinese.   Once in a while an English word would be used, but it was impossible to put a thought together with the few words that could be heard.

Life was full of filling in the blanks because of the lost words.   Captioning gives me the lost words and I actually know the subject matter and what it being said about it.   I can contribute because I know what has been said already and I don’t have to be afraid of saying the same thing that someone else has already said, therefore looking foolish.

If I ever become wealthy, I will hire a CART typist to follow me around all day long 🙂  Grocery store clerks talking?  I’ll read what they are saying.    Drive through banking, pharmacy, restaurant?   I’ll read what they are saying.  Party?  I’ll read what they are saying.

My world is so much better because of CART.   I’m looking forward to the day that every event has CART!

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